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A very rewarding and profitable career is waiting for you! We know how exciting starting a new career can be. Remember it takes time and repetition to learn a trade.

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A new exciting career is waiting for you!

The Introduction to the Blade and Shade (Combination brows) course is set up to give you the foundation to a strong career in the pmu field. We go over color theory, brow mapping, licensure requirements, waiver requirements, client management, proper sanitization/sterilization, product/equipment knowledge, ongoing mentorship manual/ support, and so much more! Our goal is to help you become a great artist, not just to certify you. Your trainer will always be there to help you. We want you to succeed! Remember, your success is our success.


Covered in this course

In this course we lay the foundation to give you the best starting point in your pmu career!  Once you are enrolled, I will guide you in obtaining your blood borne pathogens certification as well as your Florida tattoo license.  You will then be ready for your 2 day intense training, which will consist of the most important and fundamental topics such as:

• Brow Mapping
• Color Theory
• Licensure Requirements
• Proper Sanitization/Sterilization

• Beginners Marketing
• Product Knowledge

• Touch ups

• Bro Corrections
• Set up/Break Down
• Aftercare
• Proper Depth
• Numbing
• and so much more

This is a hands on training!  You will do a model with your instructor on day 2.  Once the training is complete, you will be able to work on your first 3 models at my studio with my supervision and guidance.  You will also have lifetime support!!  You'll never be alone in this new career path!


Included in your kit

With your training you not only receive a study manual (over 35 pages long), you also receive a full kit!  This kit is enough for about 25 of your very first models/clients.  


Included with your kit ($600 value)!:

• Blades
• Tattoo machine
• Practice pads
• Handtools
• Sponge ring cups
• Numbing agents (pre numb and secondary)
• Ink Soap
• After Inked
• Lipgloss applicators
• Sharpie pencils
• Mapping String
• Pigments
• Surgery marker
• Water wipes
• And much more!!



Class investement is $2,500, deposit is $500.  Paying the deposit will secure your kit and attendance. Class is 2 days long. First day will be theory and practice. Second day we’ll go over marketing, color theory and we will do a model together. You will continue to practice with guidance from your instructor and you’ll have a chance to do your very own models in my studio with your instructors supervision. Deposit is non-refundable. If you contact us within 96 hours of the training date, we will reschedule and move your deposit to the new day. The remaining balance must be paid on or before the day of training.

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